It was bedlam in the NFL war rooms!

Welcome to the 2016 NFL Draft.  Patrick and Rod break down the first 23 picks in the 1st round (more coming in the next episode), and while the draft was going on, an interesting sub story was taking place with a draft prospect.

Give us a listen, and enjoy the madness!

Another music icon has left us, and believe it or not, he has ties to a major sports moment.

In Episode 33 we talk Prince, his legacy, also the upcoming NFL Draft is a hot topic, especially after another huge top 5 trade went down this week.

Join us for another week and another round of fun, won't you?

And NBA legend laces up the sneakers one final time, and Rod and Patrick break down his legacy and contributions to the game.

Also, Baylor University is once again back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Join us for Episode 32 of the Cap Casualties Podcast.

We break down the NCAA basketball championship game and the amazing ending.  Greatest of all time?

NFL things are happening and this could lead to changes in the upcoming draft later this month.

Also, another day, another sexual assault story in Waco.  What is going on at Baylor?

It's Episode 31 of the Cap Casualties Podcast.

It's time for the Final Four, and Rod and Patrick break down both matchups. Also, is it a Millenial thing to record EVERY aspect of your life, and ever conversation, even if it's an invasion of privacy?

Download and listen to Episode 30.  Look, we know you download other podcasts, but we aren't going to rat you out!