When will the NCAA become proactive when it comes to violent crimes, and student athletes?  Maybe when it effects their bottom line? *cough* MONEY *cough*

Also, Rod and Patrick discuss a growing interest that is now being broadcast on major sports networks:  esports.
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Football season has ended, and we have a new Super Bowl champion!

Rod and Patrick wrap up the NFL season, as well as the NBA trade deadline.  Also, Ronda Rousey makes a very emotional and chilling confession, but what does this mean for athletes, and their mental health?
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The the last football game of the season.  Wait, don't cry, we still have one more game.  Then you can be sad.  Rod and Patrick break down the Super Bowl, and give their predictions

Also, the NBA trade deadline is next week, and rumors are heating up.
Louisville initiates a self-imposed tournament ban, mostly because they love paying for hookers.
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