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Patrick and Rod break down the NFL conference title games, and the upcoming Super Bowl match up between the Broncos and Panthers.  Also, why, even in 2016, is race still a thing when discussing quarterback? Really?
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This is a podcast episode for the Houston Texans fans.

After a 9-7 playoff season, is this team trending upward, or are there concerns going into the offseason?

Los Angeles has an NFL team, well maybe two? I can't keep track.

There are new coaches in the NFL, and a few get to keep their jobs.  With the NFL playoffs in week two, Rod and Patrick break down the highs and lows of pro football's second season, and is Nick Saban the greatest college coach ever?

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Welcome back!

It's 2016, and we kick off the first show of the new year with a vengenace!
The baseball hall of fame inductees are announced, and it's not without some controversy.  Speaking of controversy, University of Houston head coach Tom Herman puts several local radio hosts on blast, and it becomes national news.
Also, the college football final is set, and the NFL playoffs kick off this weekend.  This is the time of year when beer and wings are consumed in large volumes, and we wouldn't want it any other way.
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