We're back and there's some harsh words for a local NFL team. 

The World Series is upon us and the NBA season kicks off this week.  
Lots to talk about in episode #53!

Rod and Patrick are back and they have a few words for the Big 12 and the disaster they created this week.

Also, the NBA season tips off in a week, so they guys needed to add some hoops in all the football talk.
It's Episode 52 of the Cap Casualties Podcast!

We're back and there's plenty of NFL news, the NBA is gearing up and major league baseball is going to the NLCS and ALCS ready to go.

Join us for another episode of the Cap Casualties Podcast, won't you?

Join us for a huge milestone as the show hits the half century mark!

We talk the NFL season, great college football games and the tragic passing of Jose Fernandez